Hubi's Loopback MIDI Driver

Hubi's Loopback MIDI Driver is a public domain MIDI Driver that allows the output of one MIDI program to act as the input of another MIDI program. You can use it to synchronize QuickScore Elite with another MIDI program running at the same time on your PC, such as a digital audio recording program or another sequencer. It was developed by Hubert Winkler (email address: Instructions are provided in the download file. If you need more information, ask Hubi!


  • Create a new directory on your hard disk into which you will place the Loopback Driver download file, such as HUBI.
  • Download the Loopback Driver file MDLPBK22.ZIP into your HUBI directory.
  • Unzip the Loopback Driver MDLPBK22.ZIP.
  • Install the Loopback Driver in Windows as you would any other Windows MIDI driver.

For newer PCs you may want to look at MIDI Yoke, which provides the same functionality as Hubi's Loopback MIDI Driver. Get it here.

Download Hubi's Loopback MIDI Driver

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