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For further information about MIDI, refer to the following:

Taking The Mystery Out Of MIDI by Howard Massey; National Association of Music Merchants. A 28 page booklet that acts as a MIDI primer. Endorsed by the MIDI Manufacturers Association and International MIDI Association, this publication is available free of charge from your local music retailer.

MIDI For Musicians and The Electronic Musician's Dictionary by Craig Anderton; AMSCO Publications. The former was written specifically for musicians with no background in MIDI, and the latter defines 1,000 terms related to musical electronics. Highly recommended!

Music Through MIDI by Michael Boom; Microsoft Press. An excellent text for those just getting started with MIDI, synthesis, and other related topics.

The Murphy's Law MIDI Book by Jeff Burger; Alexander Publishing. Emphasizes applications and problem solving.

Using MIDI by Helen Casabona and David Fredrick; Alfred Publishing. A general guide to MIDI with an emphasis on applications.

Understanding MIDI and Understanding MIDI 2 by various authors; Amordian Press. A collection of MIDI oriented articles from Musician Magazine.