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MIDI Mixer Tutorial

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The MIDI Mixer lets you enter controllers and other kinds of data by moving faders up and down as you listen to the music. Make sure you've loaded the file TUTOR13.QSD. Select MIDI Mixer from the Window menu. 7 Main Volume should be selected in the data type list box at the left of the MIDI Mixer window control area. If it isn't, select it by clicking on the box and selecting 7 Main Volume from the list box that drops down. If you haven't turned off play looping yet, make sure you do it now.

If you've just finished the Controller Editor tutorial, you can see right away what effect the volume controllers that you added have on the MIDI Mixer. Press the SPACE BAR to start playing and watch the faders move. You can move the faders yourself if you want to. Try grabbing a fader and dragging it up and down. The volume will increase and decrease as you drag it. The changes you make now aren't permanent, because you are not recording.

Recording a Fadeout

Now lets use the MIDI Mixer to record a fadeout at the end of the piece. We'll start fading at bar 23 and finish at bar 25, the end of the piece. For the fadeout, we will group the two faders together so that moving one fader will move both of them. Group the faders together by checking both the boxes above the faders. We will start recording at bar 22, one bar before the fade should start. Move to bar 22 by clicking on the time display in the main control area and selecting 22:1:0 in the time field.

Now let's try recording. Remember to start fading at the start of bar 23. Press the record button (the button with the red circle) in the tape transport in the main control area. Grab one of the faders and slowly drag it down so that it is down to zero at the end of bar 25. When you are finished recording, press the SPACE BAR or click the stop button (the second button in the tape transport). How did your fade go? If you didn't like it, click on No to answer the question, "Keep Mixer Changes?". If you liked it, click on Yes. Don't forget that you can undo recording by selecting Undo from the Edit menu if you decide you don't like what you've done after hearing it a couple of times.