Getting Started with QuickScore Elite

VST instruments

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VST instruments are industry-standard software plugins that QuickScore can use to play music. QuickScore can use any VST instrument you've installed in the standard system VST directory or QuickScore's own VST directory.

Any plugins you wish to use must first be installed on your computer and the plugin itself must be copied to the plugins directory that QuickScore Elite is using, which is either the system VST plugins directory, or the QuickScore Elite VST plugins directory. The QuckScore Elite VST plugins directory is named VST Plugins, and is in the directory where you've installed QuckScore Elite. You choose which plugins directory QuickScore will use from the Audio Setup dialog, available from the Options menu.

For this example we will use the Native Instruments FM7 VSTi as a VSTi plugin in QuickScore Elite, but any other VSTi plugin can be used in the same manner. It is assumed you have installed the FM7 VSTi and that the plugin itself, FM7.dll has been copied to the plugins directory that QuickScore Elite is using.
Start QuickScore Elite and click the VSTi button in the Audio Mixer, or choose Synths & MIDI Effects from the Options menu. From the list of available instruments, choose FM7 by double-clicking on it or by clicking on it and then clicking on the left arrow button. The FM7 entry will appear in the active list, and in the Audio Mixer a gray strip named FM7 will appear.

Select the output and channel or channels on which you want your VST instrument to play. Now any tracks with the same output and channel set in the Track Sheet will play with the FM7 software synthesizer.
You can open the instrument plugin by clicking on the Edit button in the dialog or the Edit button in the FM7 strip in the Audio Mixer.

You can close the Synths & MIDI Effects dialog.